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Our B&B is located in a convenient position to reach interesting places to visit. We are only 2km from the historic center of Genazzano, at about 50Km from the center of Rome, 14Km from the junction of the A1 motorway at 14Km from the amusement park and the Rainbow Magicland Fashion District Outlet Valmontone.



Genazzano is a town of about 5,800 inhabitants which is located in Lazio, near Rome. Located in the heart of the Prenestini Mountains, rises to more than 375
The origins of the town are very old and the area has been inhabited since prehistoric times.
In more recent times became a fief of the Colonna family, who built here a mighty castle, which still characterizes the village of Genazzano.Vuole the tradition that they were born here is that John Pope Martin V Brancaleone, who attended the famous Challenge of Barletta. The latter is commemorated every year in early June with the traditional "Palio of Brancaleone." The first Sunday of July each year can attend the Flower Festival of the Sacred Heart.



The current rises on Praeneste Palestrina, a town famous Latin in ancient times for the Sanctuary of Fortuna and the most recent studies dating to the last decades of the second century BC There are many legends that tell of its founding. Its strategic position, dominating the valley of the Sacco, a necessary step in the connections between Lazio and southern Italy, favored flowering, evidenced by the construction of a monumental hole and the oracular shrine dedicated to the Primordial Fortuna, both dated to the end of the second century BC The sanctuary is one of the masterpieces of Roman-era Republican. Since the Middle Ages was the seat suburbicarian with patron Sant'Agapito Martyr. Among its bishops there are five cardinal who later became popes. Column of the historic estate, was involved in these struggles against the papacy, suffering dire consequences. In the sixteenth century was the birthplace of the composer Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina.



Anagni is an Italian town of 21,676 inhabitants in the province of Frosinone in Lazio. It is known as the city of the Popes, for being the birthplace of numerous popes and papal residence to have been a long time. Specifically, the name of Anagni is linked to the events of Pope Boniface VIII and the episode known as the slap of Anagni. In the medieval center, made up of elegant and austere buildings of Romanesque churches, steeples, loggias and piazzas of sober architecture and essential, are of great interest to the thirteenth century palace of Boniface VIII, the town hall, and Barnekow home numerous churches, among them being the Cathedral, with its splendid frescoes, whose crypt is one of the most interesting of the thirteenth century Italian painting cycles. Anagni Today has established itself as a center of commercial and industrial center.



Ancient Latin city as Tibur, called by Virgil with the title of Tibur Superbum, boasts of being the oldest of Rome (1215 BC). The archaic born and grew stronger on the left bank of the Aniene, which were built the Acropolis and ancient buildings. The fact that the ancient Tibur was the confluence of different populations (especially Latin and Sabine), is confirmed by the existence of the large sanctuary of Hercules (restored by June 2011), whose remains are dated to the second century BC. in the first century BC, among other Tivoli became home to many Roman villas of the wealthy, as evidenced by the numerous remains. The culmination of these settlements was represented from the villa of Hadrian, in the second century. Tivoli was a bishopric in the Middle Ages and strongly implicated in feudal strife. Rich of monuments and churches to visit, Tivoli is one of the destinations that we recommend to our guests.



Genazzano is affected by the path of one of the directions of the streets of South Francigene namely the Prenestina. Fascinating journey of pilgrimage as part of a bundle of three main roads leading to the medieval Christian religious destinations: Santiago de Compostela, Rome and Jerusalem. These lines of communication in the European Middle Ages came to define a dense web of connections that the pilgrims walked according to the season, the political situation of the local landscapes, religious beliefs related to the relics of saints.





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